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Welcome to our website!


We have launched this brand new website to help us get closer to our customers and to serve them better. This website will act as a platform for us to share all our details regarding our offerings and also help customers quickly get in touch with us for all their needs including advice & support.


Who we are:

  • The Somali Cultural Resource Centre Coventry
  • We were established in June 2004 and registered as a charity in July 2007
    • SCRC ensures that the Somali community without any distinctions have the same opportunities as other sectors of the community.
    • Improve their lives in Coventry & aid integration into the wider community & promote community cohesion.
    • To improve the quality of life for disadvantaged Somalis living in and around Coventry.
    • Provide opportunities to access jobs, education, training, and other services e.g. housing, benefits, health etc.


    We Aim to:

        • Provide advice & guidance in many areas of concerns, language and interpretation, parent education, cross-cultural training, crime prevention, conflict resolution and general signposting.
        • Enable the community to meet & exchange knowledge & information about their new life in UK.
        • Cultural activities and events provide a social platform, and the children learn of their origins, background and history and their language.
        • We work together to improve the social and economic opportunities for our community
        • As an association we aspire to bridge the gap between local community groups and the Somali community and this bring about a better understanding of the cultural differences between communities which ultimately will help develop a better racial accord.

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